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Sunday, April 9, 2017

::: UPDATE :::
Hi guys. I wanted to take some time to thank all of those once again for your support and for donating! You have been a HUGE help so far. This has been a very expensive illness and I am thankful to all whom have helped out. I still have a very long road to go.
I am having a set back at moment. They had to remove my at home chemo pump due to my mouth swelling and being sore and having mouth sores as well as very bad nose bleeds.
They may have to change meds. It has been torture for me because even liquids are hard to swallow and burn. I cannot eat at all.
I go back to the doctor tomorrow April 10th for a follow-up but my mouth has NOT changed at is worse. And nose bleeds are still happening. I am frightened and sad
about this set back because I feel now that I will be behind on my chemo treatments.
This is bad when not even Magic Mouthwash
will work to help soothe me.
Wish me luck guys...I so need it!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

:::HEALTH UPDATE::: I found out the other day that my cancer is 90% in my stomach and 10% in my esophagus (Gastric) and that it is stage 3 according to my PET scan. I will start chemo Monday for sure and had my chemo class yesterday. I have a 3 hr. round every 3 weeks and a pump that will be attached to me through my port while at home running 24/7 and have to change chemo bag weekly...I am very scared of that part. But I am soooo ready to fight to beat this! My only concern is that I am already so weak and nauseous ...I need to keep up my white blood count! If I am not getting enough nutrition they say I will not be able to get my treatment on the scheduled day. This is the HARDEST thing that I have ever delt with. I have compared stories from other cancer patients and their stories sound a lil better than mine. Between my gallbladder and not being able to eat hardly and almost not able to get even liquids down . If this continues they will be putting a feeding tube in.  Another surgery..Blechhh..and it cannot go into my stomach they said because of the will have to go into the small bowel. Please wish me luck guys ...I so need it! I want to thank all my supporters and people that have contributed to my cancer fund. This is my last week that I will be able to work for a while and every little bit helps me. A HUGE sincere THANK YOU!!! Love you guys and keep on lurking!

Friday, March 10, 2017

(((UPDATE))) : This has been very hard for me lately and stressful. I have had some set backs...I no longer feel as Iam moving forward lately.I am trying so hard to be brave but it is hard to be strong when I am in pain all the time. Also I have had to change Oncologist due to my last being very forgetful about me.My first visit with this one will be this Monday March 13th. Then I have another Endoscopy (Endoscopic Ultrasound) on Tuesday morning March 14th@6am! I  haven't even started chemo yet!!! I feel very far behind and my insurance denied my most important scan...the PET Scan...which will determine the spread of the cancer,if any...and the stage it is in. I am impatiently curious and need to know because I have gotten more ill just recently. My health is declining and I am scared. I have a very long road ahead of me and already had to dip into my cancer funds for more meds and co-pays. I am wiped out emotionally  and physically. This is only the beginning and I have a ways to go yet and in desperate need of help...anylittle bit counts and helps to support my fight. I will be forever grateful. I never ever in my life thought that this would happen to me. My son Quentin has been helpful and he shouldn't have to deal with all of this...he is only 15! He is also scared and has been a trooper.  Despite all of this...I just wanted to sincerely thanks all of those whom have so far supported me and took time to donate to my cancer fund. I want to send out individual Thanks Yous but i have been so ill and weak. I will get to them eventually...please forgive me. I very VERY much appreciate ALL of you! Love you guys and please wish me well.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Dreaded Beginning

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Rhonda and I am 45 yrs young.........  It all started when I had been ill for months and finally ended up in the Emergency Room on January 23rd 2016 for chronic pain in my stomach and right side and nausea that would never end. They had done scans on me and then recommended that I follow up with my primary doctor. So I did and then he ordered a Pipida/Hida scan and then a Endoscopy with my GI.  I did them both. On February 15th 2017 ...I found out that I have cancer (Adenocarcinoma / Esophegeal Cancer) after having an Endoscopy on February 7th 2017. Now I am waiting for my 1st appointment with my Oncologist. Meanwhile I am suffering with my gallbladder and I am sick daily. I cannot have my gallbladder out until I see my Oncologist and have a PET scan to assure that the cancer has not spread throughout my body. I am constantly in pain and feel alone. For me to be able to fight this cancer I really need to have my gallbladder removed because I am in agony. This has been very hard not having any family here...although I do have my son he is only 15 and can only do so much and he is having a lot of trouble coping. I cannot wait to have this gallbladder surgery...if I can that I may move on and be strong to kick this cancer!